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Balance and Butt Time

Have you ever tried to take up a new sport?  Master a new skill?  Do you remember how frustrated you got?   I’ll use learning to cast a fly rod, just as an example.  I took lessons when I started, and at first, I just focused on trying to keep the line in the air…rod moves from ten to two position (think of a clock) and timing is critical to keeping more and more line feeding out and in the air (hopefully without hitting yourself in the back of the head with a fly!).  All that seemed hard enough, but then I had to actually aim at something in the water and be able to hit it, without slapping the water and scaring the fish!  Seemed impossible in the beginning.


Being a neophyte in writing feels a bit like that; how do I remember all the things I need to at the same time?  Everything feels awkward, and just…. not comfortable.  I’ll learn a new skill – say plotting.  I end up focusing on that so much that my characters become flat and uninteresting!  What’s really frustrating is that, at first, I don’t realize what’s happened – just that I suddenly have lost interest in the story, and can’t make myself sit down and write.  I spent a month flogging myself, accusing myself of being lazy and questioning my ability to become a professional writer.  A month wasted.


 Well, maybe not wasted totally, because I now understand what was wrong, and maybe next time I’ll recognize it more quickly.  This road to being a good writer is a long and convoluted one, much more so than I realized when I began.


 It’s like giving birth – if you truly knew what you were getting yourself into, would you do it?  I think it depends on when you’re asked…when they put the baby in your arms for the first time?  Of course!  In the middle of labor?   Maybe not so much….



  Lori wrote @

I just found your blog and I have to tell you that it is beautiful. The best looking blog I’ve seen so far.

I have seen that you haven’t updated it for some time. I hope you didn’t give up on it.

I am also a writer of women’s fiction. I think. I am trying. Anyway, I have been searching for a while to find a writing club for women’s fiction, but you are right, there is not that much out there, on the Net. The fantasy writers have it good though. I envy them.

Anyway, hi. I hope you keep up the blog and lots of luck with your writing.

  heartofahawk wrote @

Have you heard of the new RWA (Romance Writers of America) online Women’s Fiction group? Brand new, but really amazing…Women’s Fiction with emotionally satisfying endings! Who says that WF has to be a downer?

  essaadams wrote @

Yes, it is like giving birth, then when the manuscript is written the waiting then editing and re-editing and rewriting and the labour is unthinkable to the point of snore, but one day, there she is a baby in your arms, that first novel. aaawww.

I hope you are all right and have not gone too far, was hoping to meet you her at your blog.

Essa a.k.a. Thayne Hudson from Amazon posts

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