Women’s Fiction, etc.

An ongoing discussion for readers/writers of Women’s Fiction

Hello world!

Yay – I’ve entered (allbeit with trepidation) the blogosphere!  Please chalk up any errors in format or etiquette you may notice to ignorance on my part…I’ll attempt to get up to speed quickly.

What’s this blog about?  Well, for starters anyway – Women’s Fiction.  I’ve noticed that there is a ton of info out on the net about the Romance genre, but not much about Women’s Fiction.  I think the distinction is important to those who read it, so this is my attempt to fill the void.

What is Women’s Fiction?  If you Google it, you’ll find a few definitions, but the one I like best is:

Women’s fiction is just that: fiction about women’s issues for a female readership. However, it is not the same as chick lit or romance. While utilizing literary prose, women’s fiction is very commercial in its appeal. Its characters are often women attempting to overcome both personal and external adversity.  The mature depth and tone of their development within women’s fiction set them apart from other genre classifications.

My sincere apologies to the author of the above – I am not finding the source to give credit.  The nuance, I believe is in the focus.  Romance (and all subgenres-chit lit, Regency, Westerns, etc) are ulitmately about a romantic  relationship between two individuals.Women’s fiction may contain elements of romance, but that’s not the main focus – it’s about a woman’s struggle to overcome adversity, and that, to me is endlessly facinating. 

I foresee this as being an intertactive discussion, so anyone stopping by, please feel free to comment – the more the merrier!


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  jennie marsland wrote @

Interesting stuff! I’m not big on classifying literature myself, but we all do it. I agree that it’s nice to know that the ending of a book won’t leave you depressed. I react to movies exactly as you do, so I tend to stay away from the intense ones. They stay with me for days!

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